IF was a live performance hall who wanted to be closer to their customers and want to present a better service for their visiters. Before, they were trying to reach their customers via public printed advertisements. We created an amazing application where their visiters become their followers. A design great, pure and comprehensive application created where users could check upcoming program, be able to see upcoming singers music videos, receive reminder notifications and easily get their tickets.


IF Performance Hall

IF is a live performance night club where the most popular singers and music groups take stage. There is a strong brand loyalty by the visiters, true result of lovable IF Performance Hall stuff and excellent atmosphere.



Our Tasks

All the product creation and development solely done by our company.

  • Preliminary research and reporting
  • Concept creation and functionalization
  • Storyboard creation
  • iOS software development
  • Interface design and development

Skills Involved

  • Mysql database planning and design
  • PHP backend data service coding and development
  • Push Notification Service
  • Web Connection & Ticket Sales
  • Web Control Panel